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February 20, 2016      Cascade Locks Port Building
10:00 AM 
This is YOUR program!  Guild members are asked to bring both their first
and most recent quilts for a fun morning of show and shine.  No matter how
long you’ve been quilting, share your journey with us!

Workshop on Feb 20, 2016 is Fractured Flower,
taught by our own Marbe Cook!

Details on the events page


Meeting Refreshments
Our membership has been divided into 4 sections, one section for each
meeting in the year. If your last name begins with a “A-F” this is your turn
to help. If you forgot to sign up at the November meeting you may be
getting a call to donate refreshments or to spend 15 minutes to help with
room set up or room clean up. Thanks!

Barb Frasier, Vice President, 541-352-6774




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Reminder -- Annual Dues $25 due each year at the February quarterly meeting.
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